Yahoo Decides To Cancel Their Paid Inclusion Service

Yahoo Decides To Cancel Their Paid Inclusion Service

Yahoo has just announced that it will no longer be offering its popular and controversial paid inclusion service as of the end of this year. The decision for yahoo to do this was mostly unexplained and has I am sure surprised the many customers utilising its benefits.

Also commonly referred to as “search submit pro” the paid inclusion service in a nutshell enabled yahoo marketers to submit a sites pages and information directly to the search engine index, this was a popular alternative to awaiting the natural search engine spiders to do so naturally.

The ability to submit pages manually enabled Yahoo marketers the benefit of having newly listed products and information added to the organic search index almost immediately, in turn giving instant organic listings and traffic.

What does this mean for Yahoo marketers?

If you are not currently using the ‘paid inclusion’ service this will not mean much. Though now that site previously utilising the service do not have the option to submit products and information directly to the search engine they will now need to find alternate means of doing so. Included in this would be more readily index able site structures and more search engine optimised sites. This will increase the level of competition for yahoo organic listings.

If you are utilising the service then this change will greatly impact the way in which you get organic traffic from the yahoo engine. From less control over the listing titles and descriptions, as these will now be automatically generated from the product and information pages to lagging product indexing speeds and less traffic. Switching to XML site map feeds currently used on other search engines is the best alternative, though not offering anywhere near as much control over your listing as with paid inclusion this will lessen the impact of the transition.

Until the finalisation of the Bing – Yahoo merger, Yahoo will be relying solely on their SLERP algorithm to control their organic search listings. This is a great oportunity for sites owners to apply SLERP specific search engine optimisation techniques to generate additional Yahoo traffic.

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