Yahoo! Faces the Music (In a Different Way)

Yahoo! Faces the Music (In a Different Way)

It’s been around a year since Yahoo! implemented advanced searches for music. When searching for an artist, the results displayed will feature photos, videos, samples and even the official website. After the success of this service, they have decided to roll out new features which will enhance a music lover’s search experiences.

The new features mean that you will be able to play up to 25 full length songs a month. Previously, you were limited to 30-second samples, so this is an excellent upgrade to the service. By further exploring the service, you will be able to listen to a greater number of audio files, as well as increasing the number of tracks in the shortcut from three to four.

Yahoo! mentioned this example:

Now you’ll be able to listen to Rihanna, sing along to Madonna and JT or rock out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs without having to leave the search results page or type in a log-in. Simply click your song of choice and the new media player from Yahoo! Music, called FoxyPlayer, will launch near the bottom of the page. The player is easy-to-use and offers full functionality for song playback, like artist and song info and even an expandable playlist tab. You’ll be able to continue browsing the results page while the player is in use or turn it off at any time with a single click.

We’re not sure whether this will be enough to drag users away from the 700lb gorilla (known as Google to its friends), however it is great to see Yahoo! trying something different to try and give the users a better experience. Search engine results are all about helping a user find the information they are after, and this new style of display may be a trendsetter.

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