Yahoo is Getting You to Take Note

Yahoo is Getting You to Take Note

Why do you use search engines? I know myself I use them for many things, but for the vast majority they are great for research. If I was looking for a review of a movie or latest news or information, I already have a bank of my favourite websites that I monitor via RSS feeds. But when I need something new or have to research a topic, there is nothing like search.

Today Techcrunch reported that Yahoo is launching SearchPad – it’s version of Google’s Notebook. Now I myself have never used either product before, but Yahoo has given me some reasons why.

How it works is by determining the refinement of your repeated search queries. From that it can recognise that you are researching and prompt you to leave notes in your SearchPad. The usual features you expect are there such as reordering, cutting and pasting snippets and email sharing.

Whilst those basic features are both useful and simple to use, they are very basic. I would have been expecting something a little bit more Web 2.0 (*shuddering whilst typing that term). I guess it would be nice to see some delicious integration for my favourite links to share on my network there. Or how about team researching with other uses adding as they find relevant articles – think of a group of you and your friends planning a holiday. Heck, why not throw Twitter in there as well like everyone else is.

I really applaud Yahoo for what they have done and are doing in search, but I think with the upcoming Google Wave, this will soon be forgotten.

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