Yahoo! Launches REAL to Help Recruiters

Yahoo! Launches REAL to Help Recruiters

Yahoo! has released a search platform entitled R.E.A.L – to assist and help potential job seekers and recruiters wanting to search for jobs.

The patent pending software will allow search based on Relevance, Engagement, Availability and Location.

Yahoo! have released the following information:
R.E.A.L. is an industry-first search algorithm that builds on an innovative set of principles derived from Yahoo!’s research in Web search technology. Leveraging Yahoo!’s behavioral targeting and search optimization strengths to rank job listings based on user engagement, R.E.A.L. has moved Yahoo! HotJobs’ job search rankings beyond the traditional category-based, date-sorted experience. With the launch of R.E.A.L., “applies” per job listing have increased by 25 percent, a key success metric for recruiters.

“R.E.A.L. is a key pillar in our strategy to deliver the best in performance and value for recruitment advertisers,” said Jeff Kinder, senior vice president and general manager, Yahoo! HotJobs. “Yahoo! has shown that relevance matters in search results, and it’s powerful to apply Yahoo!’s search technology to HotJobs and see immediate and significant performance improvements. We believe Yahoo! HotJobs has a distinct advantage as online recruitment evolves and insights and technology play increasingly important roles.”

The principles of R.E.A.L. are described in a newly released “Playbook” for recruiters, a compilation of best practices for posting, editing and managing job listings, designed to deliver optimal quality and performance. By aligning the goals of recruiters and job candidates, R.E.A.L. creates an indispensable experience that is defined by four critical characteristics of high-performance job listings:

R – Relevance: Matching text in job titles and descriptions to the keywords candidates use

E – Engagement: Measuring how well candidates respond to the job listing

A – Availability: Determining that the positions displayed are still unfilled

L – Location: Showing jobs in a location of interest to the candidate

These four characteristics are part of an insights-driven search algorithm that will continually improve on itself.


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