Yahoo! Partners with 3rd Party Click Fraud Company

Yahoo! Partners with 3rd Party Click Fraud Company

Yahoo! has partnered with Click Forensics in an attempt to combat click fraud together. The partnership was announced in New York today, and will be large forward movement for Yahoo! as it aims to stablise its results and advertising platforms (Panama) in the race for search.
Yahoo! has said that:

  • Click Forensics will allow advertisers to securely share relevant account information, such as site-side click behavioral data, with Yahoo!. Industry analysts like Dr. Tuzhilin have said that data such as this is helpful in identifying poor quality traffic, including click fraud.
  • With this deal, Yahoo! is the first search engine to cooperate with a third-party, such as Click Forensics, to obtain additional feedback and promote its goal of advertiser satisfaction and return on investment.
  • Click Forensics is the first 3rd party click auditor to work with Yahoo! in an effort to help advertisers better understand their click data.
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