Yahoo! Search Now Officially Powered by Bing

Yahoo! Search Now Officially Powered by Bing

Bing and Yahoo! - Search AllianceRemember last year when Yahoo and Microsoft announced they had formed the Search Alliance to take on Google? One of the deals struck was that eventually all of Yahoo’s search platforms would be either integrated with or powered by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

From the Yahoo! Search blog:

Yahoo! has completed the algorithmic transition to Bing in all global markets (except Korea), across desktop and mobile, for all Yahoo! and syndication traffic.

So what does this mean? Now that the migration has finished, we should start seeing that the organic search results for both Yahoo and Bing are exactly the same, since Yahoo would be using Bing’s algorithm — cutting the need to report on two search engines. Obviously there will be minor discrepancies in the results until the kinks get worked out.

Below is a quick search we did for both search engines for the search query ‘search alliance‘;

Yahoo and Bing Comparison

A comparison of Bing and Yahoo! search results (click to view Full-Size)

You can see above there are still some minor differences. This change also includes image and video search for both desktop and mobile devices.

Now that this has officially gone live it will be interesting to see how both Bing and Yahoo use the data they gather from users in improving their algorithms and quality.

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